An Advanced Nightmare zone(NMZ) Fighter

NMZ is one of the most popular and fastest combat exp minigames in the entirety of Olschool Runescape.

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Will buy from the chest & restock from the barrels

All NMZ Potions Supported

  • Overloads
  • Super Range
  • Super Mage
  • Absorption

Protect From Melee

More AFK and useful in early levels to build up points before buying absorption potions

Full Combat Triangle Support

Whether you want to train magic, range melee, we'll do it all!

Corner Spot Support

Standing in the corner of the NMZ area limits the number of NPC's which can do damage to 2, meaning whilst using absorbs, they last potentially twice as long.

Special Attack Support

Dragon claws, Dragon 2h, gmail, dds, all great for dealing extra damage output with the powersurge powerup!

Powerup support

  • Recurrent Damage
  • Zapper
  • Power Surge
  • Ultimate Force

Coffer Refilling

Never get caught short with an empty coffer!

Customisable Reactions & Speeds

Are you more of an alert or afk kind of player? Customise the actions to your own playstyle!

Rockcake & Locator Orb

Support for both the rockcake and locator orb are both available.

Rapid Heal Flicking

This will turn on the rapid heal prayer at randomised intervals to reset your hp regeneration, keeping you low and preserving your absorbs.

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