Your All In One for fighting needs!

This is an AIO fighter script for Oldschool Runescape. With a customisable npc list and looting to get you max combat before you know it.

Any feedback please let me know on the methods below:



  • Within reason, don't expect it to do anything which requires any custom methods such as bossing etc.
  • Custom NPC radius
    • Stops you getting lured else where, will always drag you back to the start within the radius

Quick Attacking

  • No unnecessary stalling after the NPC has died for faster xp


  • Set your minimum loot threshold in the start up settings


  • Start with food in your inventory for the script to pick up what food you want to use
  • Select your food amount, so when banking, we know how many to withdraw


  • Super sets, combat, super combat & ranging included

Prayer Protection

Prayer Restore

  • Currently only accepting prayer potions

Bury Bones

  • If selected, will collect and bury the bones.

Special Attack

  • Select your spec weapon from the drop down and the required %

Ammo Looting

  • If using range, it'll loot your arrows and re-equip them

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