Welcome to this guide about understanding PowBot. The purpose of this guide is to explain to you the basic user interface elements and controls that PowBot offers. We suggest that every new user of the software gives this a quick read through. It will also contain resources for troubleshooting, which you may need in the future. Perhaps it's a good idea to bookmark this guide :-)

The Login Screen

When you first start a freshly installed PowBot client you may be confronted with the login screen. Simply enter your forum username and password and press the log in button to continue. If you are having problems logging in, make sure that you have permission to access PowBot (VIP rank) and potentially reset your password through the forum.

The Toolbar

Once you've successfully started the client and authenticated with PowBot successfully, you will be greeted with the toolbar. The toolbar lives at the bottom of your game window and is the central hub that you do everything else from. In this section we will briefly explain each aspect of the toolbar, highlighted in red each time.

Script Selector

Highlighted in the screen capture above, the green play button is your script selector. Press this button to get an overview of available scripts and select the ones you want. Once a script is running, the play button will turn into a stop button. Pressing the stop button will stop the script immediately.

Account manager

In the screen capture above you can see the button to toggle the account manager. The account manager is where you enter details about accounts that you want PowBot to log into automatically. Using the account manager is optional but useful in setups where you want to bot multiple accounts.

General debugger

The general debugger button highlighted above opens a configuration panel that allows you to turn on various debugging options, such as seeing details about NPCs and Objects in the immediate area. Most of this will only ever be useful to script writers.

Widget debugger

The widget debugger is used by script writers to identify widgets (as in buttons, tabs and other in-game elements) to use in their scripts.

Proxy manager

The proxy manager allows you to configure a SOCKS5-based proxy for the game to use in connecting to the server.

Break manager

Use the break manager to configure your bots in such a way that they automatically stop and take a "break" after a certain amount of time.

Client settings

The client settings screen allows you to turn various experimental features on and off and gives you control over some behavioral aspects of the client.

Enable/disable input

The enable/disable input button does exactly what it says - it allows you to turn external (non-bot) input on and off. When starting a script, external input is automatically turned off so you don't interrupt the script.


Makes the toolbar smaller or bigger

The version indicator

Look to the version indicator to find out if you are running the latest version of the client, and whether you should restart the app or download a new installer to update.

The release branch indicator

The release branch indicator is an R or a B displayed in the right hand side of the toolbar. During the installation with PowBot installer, you will have had to choose between a stable (tested) and unstable (bleeding edge) installation. Depending on which one you picked, you will see an R indicating you're on the stable version, or a D indicating that you're on the development version. You can switch between these easily by re-installing using the installer from the website and picking the branch that you want.

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