Welcome to this guide on running scripts. The guide makes a few assumptions on what you've already done. Before you use this guide, we expect you to have:

  • Installed the PowBot client on an emulator or device
  • Opened the PowBot client and logged in to the service
  • Have the toolbar showing at the bottom of the game screen ready to go

Click the Play button

Tap on the play button as highlighted above. A new dialog window should open on top of the game with a list of scripts available. Continue to the next step.

Select your account and script

The "Select account" dropdown shown above allows you to select an account to automatically log into. In order to use this feature you must have accounts set up on the account manager first, which is covered in a different article.

Use the script dialog to browse through the available scripts. You can perform a text search by clicking on the search bar and entering something, or simply scroll through however you want. Tap the script you want to run in order to bring up the settings screen.

Fill out script settings

Once you've tapped on your desired script in the step above, you should be seeing a dialog pop up similar to the one depicted here. This is the script settings dialog, and for every script it looks roughly the same. Use it to fill out the required parameters for your script (in this case the type of rune we want to craft).

Saving for later

If you want to re-use this configuration later, you can save it as a profile. Simply click on the Profile name, type something in and hit the "Add Profile" button to save it.

Restoring a saved configuration

To re-use a previously stored configuration simply skip down to the bottom of the script settings dialog and click on the profile dropdown (where it says Current Profile). You should be able to select the previously stored profile here.

Start the script

Great job, now hit the large "start script" button at the end of the script settings dialog to start the script. If you have any issues please check the troubleshooting guide referenced below.


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