The account manager is a dialog that allows you to store information about your OSRS accounts for the bot to use. You have to use the account manager in order to benefit from auto-login features and other things that are dependent on your login.

You can find the account manager button in the PowBot toolbar as shown in the image above.

After clicking the account manager button on the toolbar, you will be presented a dialog with an account list on the left side, and a form for editing account details on the right.

Adding a new account

To add a new account, start by pressing the "ADD" button. Then fill out the details in the form on the right and press "SAVE".

Removing an account

To remove an account select it using the list on the left and then press the "REMOVE" button.

Using an account for autologin

To use autologin you have to select which account to use when starting a script. Use the dropdown in the script selector dialog to pick your account.

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