The break manager is a feature that can be used in order to make your bots seem more human-like. A configured break manager will automatically cause the bot to pause and resume at specified intervals, mimicking real life actions such as having dinner or going to the bathroom.

You can find the break manager in the toolbar, as shown in the image above.

Opening the break manager

When pressing the break manager button in the toolbar, you will be presented with a dialog that has a list of configured breaks (may be empty) on the left side of the screen, and a form for editing the breaks on the right side.

Adding a break

Adding a break starts with pressing the "ADD" button in/below the list on the left-hand side. This should add a new entry and then give you a form to fill out. After filling out the form simply press the "SAVE" button to store it.

Now for the form, these are the options:

Enabled - when ticked this break will be active

AFK Break - when ticked the bot won't log out the player entirely, but will just AFK for the break duration

Reset On Script Run - when ticked resets the breaks every time you run a script. leaving this unticked will use the same breaks for all script runs, meaning that if you stop a script mid-break, the break will continue once you start a new script.

After - the range of minutes after which the break should be taken, PowBot will take a random value between these two numbers

Break for - the amount of minutes to break for, again with PowBot taking a random value between the two numbers you enter.

Removing a break

Simply select the break you want to remove in the list and press the "REMOVE" button

Editing a break

Just click on the break you want to edit, change the details in the form and press "SAVE" to persist your changes.

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