krul Miner

A Mining script developed by Krulvis

Version 1.2.8 - last updated on 2021-09-28 18:59:00

AIO Miner

Mines any ore anywhere on Runescape and banks at nearest bank.


  • Supports Motherload mine.
  • Select ores by clicking on them.
  • Bank or powermine, fast or slow.
  • Recognizes if others have mined your rock.
  • Watches the centerTile with radius to walk back if player is too far away.
  • Can hop from nearby players.
  • Supports Deposit Boxes.


  • List of rocks selected to watch for ore.
  • Drop ores to skip banking and powermine.
  • Fast mining removes the random delay before clicking next rock.
  • Set center position with radius to 1 for powermining on 1 tile.
  • Hop from players checks if another player is within your mining area for 2.5 seconds before hopping.