krul Miner

A Mining script developed by Krulvis

Version 1.1.2 - last updated on 2021-06-21 01:55:21

Currently there are 94 people using this script

AIO Miner

Mines any ore anywhere on Runescape and banks at nearest bank.
!! Make sure to create the script profile in Desktop Client as the Mobile doesn't have ClickListener. !!


  • Select ores by clicking on them.
  • Bank or powermine, fast or slow.
  • Recognizes if others have mined your rock.
  • Watches the centerTile with radius to walk back if player is too far away.
  • Can hop from nearby players.
  • Supports Deposit Boxes.


  • List of rocks selected to watch for ore.
  • Drop ores to skip banking and powermine.
  • Fast mining removes the random delay before clicking next rock.
  • Set center position with radius to 1 for powermining on 1 tile.
  • Hop from players checks if another player is within your mining area for 2.5 seconds before hopping.