Client keeps telling me to restart

This is a known issue with the version check in the client and sometimes results in a re-install loop. If you are certain you've installed the latest version you can safely ignore the version check, just make sure you keep an eye on the website or Discord so you don't miss any important updates.

Client keeps crashing during startup (consistently)

First just try restarting the app. If the crash happens consistently check that your system meets the requirements outlined below:

Processor: Dual-core Intel/AMD processor

Hard disk space: 10GB

Memory: 2GB

Operating system: Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

OpenGL: 2.0

Virtualization technology: VT-x/AMD-V/SVM

NOTE: Most Android emulators require an OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU

If the system requirements are not the issue consider hopping into the Discord and contacting a member of staff.

Scripts are not starting

Generally when people have issues starting scripts it's due to instance limits. Check how many bots you can run with your subscription level and try to stay under it. Alternatively you can upgrade your subscription. Tried everything and still having issues? Hop in the Discord and talk to us!

I can't log into the client

Make sure you are using your forum username (not e-mail address) and password to log in. Also make sure you have at least an active VIP I subscription before attempting to log in. If you don't have a subscription it will not work!

The installer is not installing a PowBot update

Try shutting down all your emulators and PowBot software, then kill the adb process using the commands below (enter into a command prompt or terminal):

On Windows: taskkill /IM adb.exe /F

On Linux: killall -9 adb

Now re-open the installer and try again. If it still doesn't work, hop into our Discord and talk to us.

PowBot is failing to install on my device or emulator

If this is your first installation make sure you delete OldSchool RuneScape off your device before attempting to install. Having an existing version of OSRS installed can sometimes cause issues, especially if it was installed via the Play Store.

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