Sometimes when there is an issue with the client or a specific script, you may be asked to provide a "logcat". This refers to a system command that can be used to obtain log files (a record of what the bot was doing) that can be used by client developers and script writers in troubleshooting. This guide will walk you through how to capture a logcat file, that you can then send to a developer if they ask for it.

Retrieving logs on Windows

1. Open the command prompt

The first step for retrieving logs on Windows is opening the command prompt. A quick way to do this is by pressing the combination of Windows Key + R, typing in "cmd" and pressing Enter. The command prompt should now be open.

2. Run the logcat command

Paste the following command into the command prompt:

%userprofile%\.powbot\android\platform-tools\adb.exe logcat -t 1000 > dump.txt && notepad dump.txt

3. Copy the contents out of notepad to Discord/Forum thread

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