Welcome to this quick guide for installing PowBot with LDPlayer on Windows 10. Through the next few steps we will install all of the required software you need to run PowBot and the LDPlayer emulator on your system. Please check that your system meets the requirements with the list below before starting the guide - it will save a lot of time!

Minimum system requirements

Processor: Dual-core Intel/AMD processor

Hard disk space: 10GB

Memory: 2GB

Operating system: Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

OpenGL: 2.0

Virtualization technology: VT-x/AMD-V/SVM

Installing LDPlayer

Step 1. Downloading LDPlayer

The download button on the LDPlayer website

To run PowBot you need an Android emulator or device. This guide uses an Android emulator called LDPlayer, which you can download here: https://ldplayer.net/.

Step 2. Running the LDPlayer installer

The installer for LDPlayer is very straight forward - accept the terms and press the install button. Then grab a glass of water and stay hydrated until we can proceed with the next step.

Step 3. Make sure that virtualization is enabled

Follow this guide: https://www.ldplayer.net/blog/how-to-enable-vt.html in order to make sure that virtualization is enabled. It's a requirement for LDPlayer.

Step 4. Verify that it works

Start up the LDPlayer application using your Start menu and make sure it opens properly. It should start loading and then look similar to the above. If it opens and automatically closes make sure to follow the guide linked above in Step 3. If you still can't get it to work we refer you to the troubleshooting section at the bottom of the LDPlayer website: https://www.ldplayer.net/support/

Installing OpenJDK 11

Step 1. Downloading OpenJDK 11

The OpenJDK11 download site

In order to run the PowBot installer you need a system with Java 11 installed. You can obtain Java 11 for free using this link: https://adoptium.net?/variant=openjdk11/

Step 2. Running the OpenJDK 11 installer

The OpenJDK 11 installer

Open the MSI file you just downloaded from the link above and complete the installation process with all the default options.

Step 3. Verify that it works

A command prompt verifying that Java is installed

Open Command Prompt and type in "java -version" as shown in the screenshot above. The command should complete successfully and tell you which version of Java is installed, which should be OpenJDK 11. If this doesn't work, try uninstalling any Java versions you have installed and retrace your steps.

Installing PowBot

Step 1. Download PowBot

This part of the guide assumes you already have a PowBot account and are an active VIP forum subscriber. Log onto the PowBot forums and scroll down to the download links, clicking the Client (V2) link. This will download the PowBot installer.

Step 2. Run the installer

Right-click on the downloaded installer JAR file and press Open. It should open with the Java 11 that you installed above.

It may take a while (give it up to 30 seconds) but eventually a window looking like the above should pop up. Go ahead and navigate to the LDPlayer tab.

As you can see in the picture above, there are three elements of the UI circled.

A) The instance list

The instance list is a list of all configured LDPlayer instances (emulators) on your computer. Selecting an instance from this list and then pressing either the delete or install button below will perform those actions on the emulators you've selected only.

B) The create button

Chances are if this is your first time starting the PowBot installer your instance list (A) will be empty. You can use the create button to create new instances, simply enter the number of instances you want and PowBot will automatically create them for you.

C) The install button

The most important button is the install button. After making your selection of target instances in the instance list (A) you will be able to press the Install button. The PowBot installer will then proceed to start up each emulator you've selected and will install the new game files on it.

Step 3. Install the client

Select an instance from the instance list (or create a new instance using the create button if you don't have one) and then press the Install button. The progress bar in the bottom right will let you know once the installation is completed. The installer will also automatically start the OSRS app in the installer.

Now that PowBot has been installed on your emulator -if you want to run PowBot in the future - you can now just run the OSRS app directly in the emulator instead of through the installer.

We suggest you now move on to the Getting Started guide to learn more about how the UI works and how you can operate the various features.

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