A MoneyMaking script developed by rez

Version 1.0.0 - last updated on 2021-04-16 05:50:25

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Welcome to RZulrah, one of the most efficient OldSchool Runescape zulrah scripts on the market. RZulrah is a premium script/bot for OSRS, that kills Zulrah. Make sure u read all the sections thoroughly before you decide to run/buy this script.

sick script runs without any problems -Aykut

Great script! Your good at what you do.

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Computer specifications:
RZulrah is a CPU demanding script. I've managed to minimize CPU usage but it still uses more than the average script.

You'll need a decent computer/laptop.
You'll also need a stable connection with proper ping.

For reference, It runs great on my old laptop. Specifications: GeForce GTX 950M, 8GB RAM, Intel-Core i5-6300 2,30 GHZ

Quest requirements:
Started regicide + entered Zulrah Shrine once.

In game stats:
80+ range
80+ mage
80+ hitpoints


  • Restores at either Clan Wars or in Player-owned house (POH).
  • It is pure-friendly:
  • Doesn't use defence mode unless you specify it.
  • It supports world hopping:
  • Select your worlds based on ping.
  • It supports tick listening:
  • Increases efficiency.
  • Built-in break handler:
    • Specify when to break (random number between x, y minutes).
    • Specify for how long to break.
  • Safe death boss:
    • You can retrieve items safely using the new item retrieval mechanism.
  • We show our K/D:
  • Check out the high-scores.
  • POH support:
    • 82 construction is required.
    • Ornate rejuvenation pool is required.
    • Ornate jewellery box with a glory in it, is required.
  • Stop conditions
  • Stop after x ; minutes, kills, consecutive deaths.
  • It supports Imbued heart
  • Custom delay settings:
  • Create an unique profile to prevent bans!
  • Fast banking
  • Efficient prayer using
  • Saves prayer every phase where it's able to.
  • Ring of suffering support
  • Includes automatic recharging.
  • Automatic barrows equipment repairing.
  • Automatic decanting potions.
  • Sorts inventory:
    • Increases efficiency.
  • Recharging:
    • Recharges blowpipe and trident (automatically detects darts).
  • Different equipping patterns:
    • Uses human-like equipping patterns.
  • It support multiple kill trips:
    • Goes for another kill if you got enough prayer potion doses and enough food % left -> user input
    • No limit on amount of kills per trip.
  • It supports restocking supplies andselling loot via the GE
    • Loots and banks pet.
  • User-friendly GUI.
  • Takes seconds to setup thanks to images
  • It supports loading and saving multiple profiles.
  • Perfect jad phase prayer switching.
  • It supports the use of ring of recoils.
  • Brings an extra ring of recoil in inventory
  • It supports multiple potions.
    • Bastion
    • Prayer
    • Restore
    • Magic
    • Range