A MoneyMaking script developed by rez

Version 1.0.0 - last updated on 2021-04-16 05:50:25

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Welcome to RLooter, one of the most efficient OldSchool Runescape looter scripts on the market. RLooter is a premium script/bot for OSRS, that loots in PVP and Edgeville wilderness. Make sure u read all the sections thoroughly before you decide to run/buy this script.

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  • Tracks player deaths and maps these tiles to:
  • The minimum calculated risk of the player based on his appearance.
  • Time, so that time passed can be measured.
  • Player with no risk will be discarded.
  • After 75 seconds players will be removed from the maps.
  • Specify the maximum value the bot will risk:
  • Better than just inventory value.
  • Option to specify minimum item-price of loot to pick.
  • Muling:
    • Currently, only supported for GE location .
  • Variance:
    • To prevent patterns.
  • Accurate profit tracker:
    • Accounts for items lost on death.
  • Bot will wait/idle in safe area.
  • Bot will handle obstacles if obstructing our path.
  • Bot will drink energy, super-energy or stamina potions.
  • Bot will eat food in inventory if present and if necessary.
  • Bot will do smart selection of the loot on the ground:
  • Outperforms players and bots who focus on less valuable items.
  • Bot will remember players that attacked us and handle appropriately.
  • Bot will wander around selected area searching for loot.
  • Plugin-mode or visuals:
    • Colour of the time passed will turn:
      • Green, 10 seconds before the loot will spawn until 7 seconds after the loot has spawned.
      • Red, after 7 seconds the loot has spawned.
  • Three categories of tiles expressed in colours: (X = 5000, Y = 50000):
    • GOLD:
      • Minimum risk above Y GP
      • Minimum risk between X and Y GP
    • PURPLE:
      • Minimum risk below X GP