A Thieving script developed by Toma

Version 1.1.2 - last updated on 2021-07-09 11:04:21


Currently supports:

  • Pickpocketing any npc
  • Stealing from stalls , fight or run from guards
  • Eating, banking
  • List of items to keep if inventory full, or by value
  • Options for periodically randomizing different parameters
  • Dodgy necklaces and gloves of silence (gloves need testing)
  • Opens doors while pickpocketing
  • make sure that the radius of area is big enough so one of the npcs will always be inside
  • if using gloves or necklace you MUST start with one of them equipped
  • script should open doors if there are any in between you and the npc
  • set NPC "Attack" options to "Hidden"
  • set roofs options to hidden
  • you have to add a safespot that is NEXT to a stall
  • check "run from guards" options if you don't wanna fight the guards
  • if you wanna bank your loot (ex. fruit stall) make sure that "Food id" and "Amount to withdraw" are both set to 0
  • start in bank, click on "Start path generation", walk to your desired location, click "Stop generating path" and you're done
  • make sure you have "Food id" and "Amount to withdraw" set to some meaningful number
  • if you want to use gloves of silence and/or dodgy necklace make sure they are both checked in the options
  • does NOT support obstacles while walking to/from bank at the moment
  • you can click on top left button to hide or show paint window; you can also click on info icon (green circle) to see more stats

Make sure you have options set correctly


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