Quest Script

A Quests script developed by Pty

Version 0.0.10 - last updated on 2021-06-26 03:34:53

Currently there are 309 people using this script

Simple Quester


  • Cooks Assistant
  • Dorics Quest(NEW)
  • Druidic Ritual
  • Fishing Contest
  • Goblin Diplomacy
  • Imp Catcher
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Rune Mysteries
  • Sheep Shearer
  • The Restless Ghost
  • Witches Potion
  • X Marks the Spot


  • Ironman(Collect everything)
  • Grand Exchange (Beta)

Please report all bugs as this is a massive project. More information = good, "This no work shit script" doesn't help. :)

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