PowRunecrafter - Runecrafting Bot for OSRS

This is PowRunecrafter, a free Runecrafting Bot for the OldSchool RuneScape skill Runecrafting. It allows you to automatically level up your Runecrafting in OSRS so you can focus on something more fun. Upon starting the script, simply select which F2P runes you want to craft, and have either a talisman in your inventory or a tiara equipped.

It's important to note this script only supports F2P crafting methods at this time (hence the name), so no Abyss or anything fancy like that. The script supports all F2P altars, and can work with both talisman and tiara.

If you have any feedback, let me know in the forum thread linked to below.

Happy runecrafting!

Air runes

Mind runes

Mind runes

Water runes

Earth runes

Fire runes - temporary disabled, web update required

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