Fight Cave Plugin

A Plugin script developed by Dan

Version 1.0.1 - last updated on 2021-07-19 15:29:55

Currently there are 92 people using this script

Fight Cave Plugin

No automation, no ban || Easy Fire Cape || Go Pet Hunting!

This is a plugin overlay script which will help get you through the fight caves with ease

Any feedback please let me know on the methods below:


  • Live Spawn Predictor
    • Will accurately detect when and where* monsters will spawn
      • Displays on a map making safespotting easier than ever
  • Jad Pray Helper
    • Highlights what to pray when
  • Untagged Healer notifications
  • Low Stat Notifications
    • Alerts for low stats
      • HP
      • Prayer
      • Range
  • Pray Flick Timers
    • Guitar Hero like bars moving closer to the prayer
      • Color coded for ease


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