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Zulrah Plugin Pro | No Risk | Tile Highlighter | Prayer Highlighter | Equipment Highlighter | & MORE!

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Zulrah Plugin Pro

No automation, no ban || 1-3m gp/Hour || Go Pet Hunting!


  • Where to stand
  • What and when to pray
  • What and when to switch
  • When to switch recoils
  • When to drink restores
  • When to drink venoms
  • When to eat
  • Loot tracking
  • Stat boosts 
    • including imbued heart
  • Special Attack

How to

  • Start the script anywhere
  • Set up your gear switching 
    • or select from a previously saved one.
    • tYIe1e8.gif
    • Select the rest of your settings and enter Zulrah!
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20 minutes ago, el capitan said:


Can you send me the log please?
Help - > view log

Also, change your tab layout back to default.

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Just now, el capitan said:


lol why am I having 2 conversations with you, I'll reply to your DM's instead..

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20 hours ago, Dan said:

Above was resolved on Discord/DM 🙂

yes it was indeed any now im here to give a review...

in a sense of flawlessness, i have to give the script a 10/10

speed of updates by the scripter when something goes wrong 10/10 

the perfect plugin for those like me learning zulrah, honstly solid script if your wanting a helper wanting to learn zulrah honestly look no further, there is another script simliar to this on another botting site, however if you know what im talking about i had many troubles using that one and it took them 3 months for 1 person to look and not fix and 3 months for a refund...

this script by dan was fixed almost instantly every time i get a problem i holla at him on discord and its fixed within minutes...

love the plug in, would recommend to anyone, all the features are great for those zulrah noobs like me, its very difficult to learn, but with this you wont have any problems defeating the mighty zulrah

thanks for the great work dan!

im looking on making a good progress report for you soon

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