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RuneScape 3 Account Section Rules

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Required Pictures:

  • Account stats
  • If the account has black marks, you must specify or optionally post a picture. If you do not, it is assumed it is clean.

Risks & Responsibilities for the seller:

  • Please note, you are considered the seller if you're selling the account. Whether or not you created the account is not relevant. If you don't want to be responsible for the account, don't sell it.
  • You are responsible for the account. If the buyer claims they have lost access, you must recover the account for them, or reimburse them. There is a cut-off period, in which if you're unable to recover it and a lot of time has passed, you will be given a pass as it is assumed Jagex now sees the newest owner as the OO. There is no actual period, it is case by case and as deemed fair by PowBot staff.
  • If a dispute arises and the account is not recovered within 7 days you are responsible for any (proven) losses to items in the users bank if the pin was removed.
  • If you re-sell an account and it gets recovered, you are still held as accountable as the person you bought it off. You should dispute them, as your buyer disputes you.

Risks & Responsibilities for the buyer:

  • You MUST set a bank pin with a 7 day removal period. Anything in your inventory is deemed 'unsafe' (you should bank everything before you log off).
  • If you decide to resell the account, you're seen as the seller and have all the responsibilities. The OO is not responsible for your sale.
  • Bans after the account sale are at no fault of the seller. This is a botting website, assume any and all accounts have been botted at some point in time - if you want peace of mind on a large purchase then request a MM to hold the account for X days before the trade takes place.

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