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I'm applying with the following scripts, it's somewhat niche, but used for herblore leveling while on a specific step on the Lunar Diplomacy quest.



The script has 2 modes which I'll briefly explain below:

Talk mode
Will run inbetween Lunar Isle bank and Oneiromancer and talk to her and do some inventory interactions to get the vials. Then it runs and fills them with water in the lunar village, and then proceeds to bank them.

Herb mode
Will use the herbs and combine them together with the filled vials to get 84xp for each marrentil/guam herb.


Here's a youtube video that uses the same method kind of(but mine is for regular accounts, not UIM): 


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Hi mate, thanks for the application however this is too simple to consider for your application however some feedback for you anyway.

Seems thrown together without much thought, the main script class is called testerscript…

You have a task framework but your tasks have no validations other than your states. If the condition to set your states fail you end up getting stuck in a loop. Instead, try to work actually use the validations to tell the script when to activate something, your herb combine script has absolutely no validations whatsoever before interacting and using the vial.

Also you should have 1 task per responsibility, within reason at least. Your bank task also opens a door, walks to the bank, then does the banking. Too much for 1 task.

Something else I noticed in your bank task is you query the door, then check if the door has the action “Open” rather than using .actions(“Open”) as part of your door query. On top of that, open and closed doors usually have different ID’s. As you’re passing the ID, it likely is the closed state door so wouldn’t need to check for actions anyway.

Magic numbers is a big no no, use variables and pass those variables around to your classes, A) you can give it a memorable name, so next time you come to do maintenance on it, you know exactly what the number represents. B) if it’s used multiple times, then you only need to maintain the one variable if it were changed. Rather than have to go through and change all instances of that number for example.


Hopefully you can see the benefits in the points I’ve made, it not feel free to reach out to us or I, on discord or here 🙂

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