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[Request] Giant Seaweed Farmer


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Script: Fossil Island Giant Seaweed Farmer

Details: A simple farming bot that would be able to harvest giant seaweed and plant the spores.


1. Spore collecting:

As seaweed spores randomly spawn when you are in the area, maybe the bot can hang around and pick them up when they spawn.

2. Leprechaun NPC interaction:

It would be nice if the bot could withdraw ultracompost from the leprechaun to use on the seaweed patches and then storing the empty buckets in the leprechaun. Also, the bot would hopefully banknote the giant seaweed it harvests by using them on the leprechaun.

3. Loop:

As it only takes 40 mins for giant seaweed to grow, it would be nice if you could run the script, let the bot do it's tasks, then log out until the seaweed has grown where it will repeat its processes.


This is useful for ironmen and pet hunters.

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