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[BUG] Webwalker having issue enter/leaving areas/caves

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I have encounted a list of problem with the webwalker.

Entering Edgevile dungeon



Lumbridge swamp leaving, entering and moving there if tile is inside lumbridge swamp (3151,9574) (Yes rope has been attached)



Tree gnome stronghold enter and leaving area (Yes "miniquest" have been completed)


Slayercave inside Tree Gnome Stronghold enter and leaving


Shanty pass exit



I have also encounted that the webwalker sometime just stops, and spam cant find next edge in console. It get fixed my manuel moving a tile. Why is that? It happens more often in the kharidian desert but not limited to.

It also have a tendicy to walk in the wilderness for some reason? Trying to get to Shanty pass and it choose this weird route? First i was like "hmm it might just be the fatest route" but i dont thinks that the case.


As my friend pointed out. using Dax https://explv.github.io/ route generator finds a more sutiable/safe route. Which skips wilderness all together. I dont know much about wilderness but i would think ill be losing all my gear if someone was to pk me while running in the wilderness right? So why take that risk? And not to talk about how long it takes for the bot to click on the "accept" button when entering wilderness.

Same things happen here
Pow - Webwalker

most suitable / safe route 



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