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[Free] BasicChopper | Power Chopper | Custom Drop Patterns | World Hopping

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Basic Chopper

How To

Start next to the tree you want to cut with an axe equipped or in inventory.

Select the tree from the start menu.

Chose your hop account threshold 

          - If you want to hop, and you select 5, when there are 5 other people around, it'll hop to another world.

          - if you don't want to hop at all, select no.


Any issues let me know below.

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33 minutes ago, Ironhide said:


Just fired up the basic chopper. After x amount of trees (seems pretty random) it stops for a very long time (minutes).

Is that normal or is this part of some pattern thing? The pause seemed rather long to me.

I just ran it and had no issues myself, however my guess was it ran out of trees.

It was set to search in a 5x5 tile radius for a valid tree so I've increased it to 10 to help with this.

However will have to wait for it to be approved.

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