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Script Writer application by Maddox [closed]


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Made this Daeyalt Miner as a simple script to use for my application process, I have other ideas / projects I'm working on, including a flax picker and spinner in seers village for private use.

Daeyalt essence acts the same way as regular essence does, being able to be stored in runecrafting pouches. However, it gives 50% extra experience per essence. This bonus is multiplicative with the 70% bonus at the Ourania Altar, for a total bonus of 155% extra xp. Daeyalt essence cannot be used in place of dark essence fragments at the blood and soul altars.

Here is my GIT for the Daeyalt miner > 


GIT for Plank make lunar spell > 


Planker update:
Now tracks GP Spent thanks to @Proto


Dan has my other more private projects added to the project on GIT

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Ok so to keep it short and simple, your Daeyalt essence miner is a line by line complete rip of nsc's application submission. 
It's identical.

If you want one last chance to become a scriptwriter, as in because this is becoming a regular repeat offence now, here's your challenge.

Using a tbl (Tree Branch Leaf) structure, create a blackjacking script.

Why? Well we don't have one, and there isn't one open sourced for you to rip..

Last chance.

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