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[Free] BasicMiner | Power Miner | Custom Drop Patterns | World Hopping

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Basic Miner

How To

Start next to the ore you want to mine with a pickaxe equipped or in inventory..

Select the ore from the start menu.

Chose your hop account threshold 

          - If you want to hop, and you select 5, when there are 5 other people around, it'll hop to another world.

          - if you don't want to hop at all, select no.


Any issues let me know below.


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15 hours ago, dragon99tree said:

works great, could you also add support for banking the jems you also find, thats the only draw back i have found.

would also be nice if the interface told us how much ore it has mined as im banking mine



I don't currently track the ores mined, just the difference in xp from starting to finishing the script. I can add it to my todo list, but it's just a bit more work than just adding it to the paint 🙂
However it should now deposit gems 🙂

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thanks for adding jems to the banking, any chance of adding mining guild to this? as i would love to mine mithril there, im f2p so banking in falador / mining guild banking for members would be lovely



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