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Cant get onStart() to run


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Hey guys,

So I got my setup running but the weird part is that I cant get onStart() to work. onStop() and poll() work fine. The only hint I have as to why this is is an error stating that org.powbot.api.script.AbstractScript is not found while it clearly is in the client-sdk folder... I added screenshot of the error + proof of AbstractScript being there  + my code. Any Idea whats going wrong?

EDIT: the onStart() function does get called when the account is logged out and the script has to log in first, if its already playing onStart() is not called.


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sometimes onstart activates before it attaches to the intelij log or something like that.

if you add Condition.sleep(1000); as the first line in onstart, you'll probably see the print out.

Also, join the discord for almost instant answers 🙂

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