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PowBot Give away once we hit 1,000 members. Updated 11/11/2020 <3 Check out the possible gains boys.

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OKKK. Hope everyone is doing well,


 This will be the official give away starting 5/21/2021! It will include 3 separate winners but whoever participates will receive VIP for on the site 🙂 Terms and conditions are you must be a member of the discord and post here when requested so please pay attention these upcoming give aways we will be doing are def worth your time! 

 So lets jump right into the prizes!

If you win first place you are more than willing to choose any of the other following rewards instead but whoever you choose they will receive yours.

Starting:  5/21/2021

Winners:  3

1st Place:  
-A free leveled and quested account hand trained on your own email/ current account up to $150 or 150m 07 GP in value
-12 months VIP!

2nd Place:  
-$100 in account services on your own account /from scratch  or 100m 07 GP! 
-6 months VIP!

3rd Place:  
-$50 in account services on your own account /from scratch  or 50m 07 GP! 
-3 months VIP!

How to participate , please go to the link listed below to see the competition information






UPDATE 11/11/2020: The give away will include the following possible awards + possible others added as we get closer to the 1k member base.

If you win First place ect ect ect you will have the option to choose your prize or any prize under that if you aren't satisfied with the prize you've won.

First place: A voucher for a free quested account up to $100-200 in value depending which type of build you want. You'll be allowed to create the account on your own and then pass it to one of the Yellow Hat team members to have it leveled/quested to your desired goals.


Second Place: $50 or = in 07 gp


Third Place: $25 or = in 07 gp


4th-10th place you will have 3 rolls each at a free 07 bond or = in 07 gp


Grand Prize will be announced closer to date that 1 random winner outside of the above will be able to win.


Lets get this 1k+ members, feel free to reach out if you have questions or if you want to do advertising for some additional $/perks.


Title says it all get your boys on here and the closer we get I'll start preparing details about it.


It'll be a big one with 3 winners 😜




Yellow Hat

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8 hours ago, Toma said:

What are the prizes?

Will be juicy , I'll work with the rest of the staff to get the contests and prizes listed here over the next week. This is posted to get your blood warmed up hhhhh 


Yellow Hat

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10 hours ago, Anthony said:

I finna win brokski

All he does is win win win no matter what gp on his mindddd he dont give a fuck XD


Also P.S check the referral comp we are running as well! 

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  • Yellow Hat changed the title to PowBot Give away once we hit 1,000 members. Updated 11/11/2020 <3 Check out the possible gains boys.
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