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Selectively Limiting Script Usage

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There are certain scripts that could be made which would offer a user a generous amount of wealth, and would incentivize many to use them.

For the sake of keeping certain methods profitable and to limit the creation of "botting hotspots", would it make sense for a developer to choose whether a script he/she has created could be limited in its usage?

I'd imagine this could be something defined in a manifest whereby an "hour" attribute can be populated from 1-24, indicating hourly usage limit per user within a day.

I'd love to hear feedback on this idea, or on how it could be tweaked if it sounds reasonable.

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This is a difficult one, the business model we have allows unrestricted access per tier of vip you have. It’s not on us to determine how people bot.

People will always bot like retards and if they’re unable to bot how they want through us, we run the risk of sending them elsewhere.

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