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MultiHunt [BETA] | Falconry | Lizard/Salamanders | Bird snares | Chinchompas


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MultiHunt [BETA]

Multihunt is a hunter bot that supports multiple different hunting techniques. The only requirement is you have the correct equipment with you and are within the hunting area. The bot is currently in beta so there may be bugs I haven't noticed in testing. 

Supported hunting techniques

  • Bird snare
  • Tree traps(Lizard/Salamanders)
  • Falconry
  • Chinchompas


  • Falconry - Automatic level detection for Kebbit hunting
  • Lizards - Trap management system to optimise trap retrieval for maximum XP and ensuring the bot only interacts with traps it has laid
  • Starting distance detection to ensure the bot doesn't stray too far from the starting area
  • Pattern management for box trap hunting

Upcoming Features

  • World hopping when a hunting area becomes crowded


If you find any issues or have any feature suggestions please share them below.

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