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[Complete] Application for SW1

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I've made a few bots now and have documented various functions of the API on the official documentation.

I decided to create a Hunter bot as there was no Hunter bots available at Powbot and thought it would be a challenge managing the state of the different traps and ensuring we're only interacting with our own traps. The plan is to extend the bot to support multiple different types of hunting so I've accounted for that in the code.



Edit: Just pushed an update to manage lizard hunting... next stop red chins(when my account has a high enough level)

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Good job, better than what I submitted as my SW1 application so I'm pretty sure once the admins see, they'll want to approve :D 

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Looks good, we already know you have the knowledge and understanding of OOP to get the rank, so I'm moreso focusing on your API usage.

Random.nextInt is exlcusive inclusive meaning you'll only ever be shifting your X & Y in a positive direction/


Just something you might find useful here, check the result of your conditional wait, here you wait for RETRIEVING_TRAP_ANIMATION and then wait for it to change, however your second wait will happen no matter if the first wait returns true potentially creating more waits than necessary. - I've just come back to this one,  you've used it exactly how I suggested here https://github.com/036/MultiHunt/blob/3138a2ca03dd4a7e97b74a5d56d07328d29f018d/MultiHunt/Tasks/LizardHunting/LayTreeTrapTask.java#L27


I don't understand this task at all o.O Looks unfinished? or not needed?


Overall though, considering you joined a week or so ago, I'm impressed. As Proto said, really looking forward to seeing chins be added, but also excited to see how you progress, welcome to the team!


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