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[Req] Blackjacking script - level 41, 56 bandits and menaphite thugs


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Script: Blackjacking script in pollnivneach

Details: Script would knockout and pickpocket thugs and menaphite thugs. When the thugs evade the knockout and says "I will kill you for that!", the script would need to pickpocket the thugs to stop them fighting the account. The script could also run upstairs when in combat. The script would need to buy wines from the bar, or unnote food from the unnoter. Wine buying would involve hopping so the script would need to remember it's thieving world.

Links if needed:

In the pic below, the green circled house would be where the script would thieve the level 41 and 56 bandits, the red circled house is menaphite thugs.

Thanks for looking!


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