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[GUIDE] Getting started with Powbot Mobile V2

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Step 1) Registering a forum account


To start using PowBot you need a forum account, so let's get that started first. Open the registration form by clicking HERE, or using the Sign up button in the top right of this page. Fill out the form with a valid e-mail address, as you'll need to verify it to continue. After registration, your forum account will be used to log in to the PowBot client and script repository, and you'll be able to participate in community discussions.


Step 2) Installing OpenJDK 11 from AdoptOpenJDK


In order to run PowBot on your computer, you will have to install Java 11. You can download Java 11 for free from AdoptOpenJDK.net.

Install it by opening the downloaded installer, and using the default settings provided. Once it's installed proceed to the next step.

(Also make sure your OS is x64!)


If you get stuck during this process don’t be afraid to ask questions in the help channel in the official Discord




Step 3) Installing the emulator

Here you have 2 options installing LDplayer or running it with hyperv.

I recommend you use ld player so you can use multiple instances continue the guide if you do. 

If you want to continue using Hyperv follow step 1 of my V1 guide HERE



you should download the latest version of LDplayer. You can find it here:


Go trough the standard installation process for question or information the LDplayer support site (with videos and tutorials if needed):





 Step 4) Downloading the bot

Now we have gotten to the point where you want to download the actual botclient.

you can find the client download here:


Select Client V2 subforum and it should start downloading.


(for updates you might have to re download the bot and replace the powbot-install.jar file)




 Step 5) Starting the bot

For mobile you have to start the bot using Command line.

To do this you will have to use the following command:

java -cp "C:\Users\%HOMEPATH%\Downloads\powbot-install.jar" org.powbot.MainKt


You can make it easier on yourself by making a .bat file.

You can do this by making a new text file with notepad adding in the startup command and saving the file as: Startbot.bat (or any name you like but make sure the name contains .bat at the end)

Make sure that at "save as type" you select the all files option as pictured below.




When the bot starts you will be asked to choose the version select stable.



now it will ask for operating mode. if you installed ld player select ldplayer otherwise select emulator.


if you selected emulator it should start right away.

if you started with LD player you will be shown a menu where you can choose between instances like this:


select "create" to make a new instance it should look like the picture above.

you can now select start to start the instance it should start loading up LD player and the bot this can take a bit..

if you want to run multiple instances create another instance and re run your command or .bat file and select the other instance.


when everything is loaded up you will be asked to login to your Powbot account like shown here:




enter your account information and press login




 Step 6) Running scripts and adding accounts

adding a account to the bot is not required but its recommended so the bot will automatically login if it disconnects.

to add a account open the account menu by pressing the accounts button as pictured below:



When the accounts menu is open like below press add and enter your account info.


After this press save.

now to start scripts.


you can start scripts by pressing the play button.

you will see the following menu. select your account and start a script by clicking on the script name.




Congratulations you now have successfully installed the bot! 

Make sure to join  the official Discord for questions and update announcements.




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