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Setting up & using your repo


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If you don't already have a repo and should, visit here:


However, once set up, your repo link will be something like below:



Firstly, navigate to your repo link as above and fork it.



Once you've forked it, you can then clone it:



Now we've got our repo set up locally, we need to make some changes and commit them to our forked repo.


After you have your changes, move your files into your newly created folder in the above designated local path; add a description and commit



Once you've commited, you will then need to push your local changes to your forked repo:



After this, we need to make a pull request to get our changes reviewed and merged into the main repo as our commit and push was to our own personal fork, we need to get our changes merged into the PowBot repo.


Head back over to your forked repo and over to Pull Requests (or your repo link /pulls)


We're going to want to create a new pull request for our changes to be reviewed and merged.

In the clip below, we select Create pull request

We need to ensure we're comparing our fork to the original.



Once you've filled out the pull request, simply wait 1-5 minutes for the PowBot Github builder to check your PR and compile to the SDN.


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