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Arcane's Psytrance Saturday


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Mandragora - Dirty Shanti [Soundcloud w/ free .wav]  ~~ For similar artists check out Alien Records @ https://alienrec.com/

Oxiv - Brain Damage [Open in Spotify] [Open in iTunes]  ~~ For similar artists check out TesseracTstudio @ https://tesseract.studio/

Lifeforms - Velvet [Soundcloud] [Other Services] ~~ For similar artists check out Iboga Records @ https://www.iboga.dk/

And a YT Channel to view if you need something to watch besides your bot client... //no affiliation

Sept. 11th 2021

Fractal Joke - Something Weird In My Head [iTunes] [Spotify] via Zenon Records

Mandragora - THE NEW MANDRAGORA SET MMXXI & His new album is slotted to drop on the 17th of this month, titled Astro [iTunes]

Timelock & Invisible Reality - Shamans Are Coming [iTunes] [Spotify] via Iboga Records

Mind Frequency x Enarxis x Onel - Chasing Stars [iTunes] [Spotify] via X7M Records


Sept. 18th 2021

Atype - Inbetween [iTunes] [Spotify] via 7SD Records

Hi Profile - Violin 2027 - Invader Space Remix [iTunes] [Spotify] via Alien Records

Tijah - Mind Swap [iTunes] [Spotify] via X7M Records

Pettra - Sinai [iTunes] [Spotify] via Iboga Records

Captain Hook & Liquid Soul - Liquid Hook (Second Remix) [iTunes] [Spotify] via Vagalume Records

&& Lots of Full-On-Pytrance released over the week but not my taste. Peep this constantly updated [Spotify Playlist] powered by Trancentral for more

Oct. 22 2021

Wanted - Even in the Dark [iTunes] [Spotify] via TesseracTstudio

Luke Teknology - Never Give Up [iTunes] [Spotify] via 7SD Records

InterVoid - Forgotten Knowledge [iTunes] [Spotify] via X7M Records 

GMS & Menog - Volunteered Experience [iTunes] [Spotify] via Nano Records

Symphonix & Static Movement - Awakening Soul [iTunes] [Spotify] via Blue Tunes Records


- Arcane

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