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[Complete] Script Writer Application


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On 8/21/2021 at 12:04 AM, Pinqer said:


I'd like to apply for Script Writer with these two scripts.

Farms tokens & slays cyclops for defenders, with banking

Crafts Lava runes (No pouches)

I am also working on a Brutal Black dragon script (75% finished) which might get released at a later point.



v2 has been released could you please update your scripts.

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Looked through your lavas script and I'm a little lost.

While you have tasks, you have an awful lot of code in each task which imo, doesn't belong in that task. For example, it took me ages to figure out where and how you teleported to the altar.

So your teleporting to the rune altar is inside your OpenBank.java ???

You clearly have a handle on the API but if you're able to port these to V2 and tidy them up while you're there, I'll take another look.

@ me when you're ready to continue.

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