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[GUIDE] Getting started with Powbot Mobile


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First off you will want to start out following the first 4 steps off the following guide made by _Rick to getting Powbot properly setup before
going trough the mobile installation guide:

If you followed this guide you are ready to continue with the installation process.
(Also make sure your OS is x64!)


Step 1. Enable HyperV

First off we have to enable HyperV and restart the machine.
You can enable HyperV by going to windows start and searching for “turn windows features on or off”

Now you should be able to see a list of windows features. Here in the list you have many windows features you can select by clicking the checkbox behind the feature. Select HyperV install the feature and reboot your PC.




Step 2. Starting the bot

For mobile you have to start the bot using Command line so you can accept licenses in the installation process and get to see a log of what scripts are doing.

To do this you will have to use the following command:

java -Xmx1024M -jar "C:\users\%HOMEPATH%\.powbot\client\PowBot.jar"


You can make it easier on yourself by making a .bat file.

You can do this by making a new text file with notepad adding in the startup command and saving the file as: Startbot.bat (or any name you like)

Make sure that at save as type you select the all files option as pictured below.





Step 3. Downloading all required mobile files.


When you start the bot using CMD or the .bat file you will get a popup by PowBot asking what version you want to start for this select Mobile. Then Select Emulator.

After selecting mobile you will be asked in CMD if you want to accept the android license. For this press Y in CMD.

After accepting the license the bot should install all android components. (this may take awhile)

Congratulations! Your bot should now be configured. It is recommended to install LDplayer now since its better at running Android than HyperV and will improve performance and will make multiple instances easier. Continue the guide for instructions.


Step 4. (optional) installing LDplayer

Make sure you follow all previous steps or you will be missing files for the bot.


First off you have to go back to step 1 and this time disable HyperV by unchecking the box and restarting your machine.

After restarting your machine you should download the latest version of LDplayer. You can find it here:



After installing LDplayer you can now start the bot. (using bat or command)

When starting the bot instead of emulator choose the LDplayer option. You will be asked to select a instance. Create a new instance and start the bot. (for multiple instances you have to add multiple instances here)



Congratulations you now have successfully installed the bot with LDplayer.

If you get stuck during this process don’t be afraid to ask questions in the help channel in the official Discord


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