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​⛏️​PowMLM​⛏️​ | Motherload Mine | Lower Floor | BETA


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Basic script for MLM, currently not configurable.
When I unlock more the upper floor, I'll add that but currently mines the back wall only.
All testing was done on mobile but should work on both mobile and desktop.

  • Clears rocks to deposit hopper
  • If sack is almost full and wheels broken, will get hammer from crate and fix
    • Will try to wait though and go back to mining if there's space in the sack.
  • Empties Sack
    • Deposits all items Including gems
  • Will work with pickaxe equipped and/or in inventory

Any issues let me know and I'll look into them.


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Script is Great! 

just some possible bugs ive encountered 

1)Sometimes when running to and from the hopper the script kind of hangs at the rockfalls, my understanding is it gets alittle confused at the screen angle and isnt able to mine rockfall as maybe the inventory or general angle blocks the click/tap, to get around this i zoomed all the way out and this has generally fixed it or you can wait for someone else to mine the rockfalls.

2) I havent seen it attempt to fix the wheel, (if wheel is broken or breaks) it generally mines inventory > puts in hopper > and proceeds to run back to mine more ( isnt a huge problem as generally there are people and someone gets around to it, but it can cause a hinderance when by chance you're on an empty world.  Also tested when wheels were broken i manually put in a hammer in an empty inventory and it ignored it and when off to mine again. cmd logs doesnt really shed any errors when this happens.

Tested both on mobile and desktop

if i can provide you with anything to help lmk 🙂


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