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Arceuus crafter | Blood runes | Mobile support | 30k+ xp/h


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20 hours ago, wr3ck said:

this script constantly lags after mining 1 inventory it stops right before the rock to cross over. any suggestions? 

I think its because of the camera zoom, zoom all the way out if you can

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Great script just started using it. Just some feedback when watching the bot,

-  web walking to the altar doesn't look very smooth it goes from A -> stops -> B  -> stops etc... slight delay then clicks to next destination. It would be great if there is less delay on web walking (it looks more human-like if it has no delay)

-  when it reaches the alter it sometimes clicks at random location so it runs from on side to another side and then clicks the altar

-  I agree with the previous comment even with the camera zoom all the way out it stands near the obstacle then jumps over it.

-  Sometimes it opens the settings window and it gets stuck trying to craft the runes when this does happen. (Biggest bug out of the list)

How long did you run the bot for per day to reach 99?


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