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[Windows] PowBot Mobile LDPlayer Guide

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PowBot mobile has native LDPlayer support to make it easy to create/manage your PowBot mobile instances running on LDPlayer. LDPlayer is the recommended emulator to use and offers significant performance benefits compared to using the default android emulator.



  • By default the canvas is disabled in the PowBot client when using the LDPlayer mode as it helps to further reduce CPU usage, to interact manually with the game just use the associated LDPlayer window as it's a lot smoother.
  • LDPlayer is currently windows only.


Step 1

Download and install LDPlayer from here

If you have issues starting LDPlayer or if it complains about Vt not being enabled follow the guide to resolve that found here


Step 2

Launch PowBot, if it's your first time you'll need to run it from terminal to accept android licenses, otherwise you can use the PowBot Loader. To run it from terminal you can save the following file as "run.bat" and double click it (Note: You'll need to have launched the client at least once from the loader)


java -Xmx1536M -jar %HOMEPATH%\.powbot\client\PowBot.jar


Once launched and you've accepted the android SDK terms, you can select LDPlayer from the dialog then you are able to Create new/Start existing LDPlayer instances. Do not attempt to launch the LDPlayer instance which is created by default (called "LDPlayer") as it will not be configured correctly.

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