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Hello, I am writing a script for a basic power miner and needed help with dropping all the ores when the inventory becomes full. I wrote a for loop that drops tin ore 28 times but this doesn't seem to work. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance. My script is:


import org.powerbot.script.Condition;
import org.powerbot.script.PollingScript;
import org.powerbot.script.Script;
import org.powerbot.script.rt4.*;

import java.util.concurrent.Callable;

@Script.Manifest(name = "Miner",description = "Mines",properties = "client=4; author=Noyan802; topic = 8")
public class Chicken extends PollingScript<ClientContext> {
    final static int TinID[]={11360,11361};
    public void start() {


    public void poll() {
        if (ctx.players.local().animation()==-1 && ctx.inventory.select().count()<28){
            GameObject Tin = ctx.objects.select().id(TinID).nearest().poll();
            Condition.wait(new Callable<Boolean>() {
                public Boolean call() throws Exception {
                    return ctx.players.local().animation() != -1;
        else {
            for (int i = 0; i <28 ; i++) {
                Item Tin=ctx.inventory.select().id(438).poll();
                ctx.inventory.drop(Tin, true);



Edited by Noyan802
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Good to see you solved it.

Just a note, you are using the old way of selecting items. You should try using the newer way.



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