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Dear members,

We're excited to let you know we will be continuing the development of the mobile client as a priority for the next few months, and are opening up the client to anyone with a VIP subscription starting on the 24th of March 2021. 

PowBot Mobile is one of the most technically challenging advancements in OSRS botting technology. Existing mobile botting tech tends to rely on primitive technology like color recognition or do not provide the flexibility we've come to expect from desktop bots (they're usually not scriptable).

Our goal with this project is to change that by providing a mobile bot that relies on similar technology as the desktop client (code injection), and is fully scriptable using the very same API you find on the desktop client. This means that save for some optimizations, most scripts written for PowBot (desktop) will also work on mobile with much the same accuracy and efficiency.

As it's still early days for us and we haven't had a lot of testers we want to make it extra clear that this software is considered to be in beta, and bugs and issues are expected. If you come across a bug, issue, or something that could be improved please make (ONE) topic in the Support section. As with the desktop client, don't bot on an account you're not willing to lose. You are still risking a ban by botting, even on mobile.

Two modes of operation

PowBot Mobile can operate on both an emulator like other bots, but unlike others can also operate on a physical Android device. This is done by connecting it using Wi-Fi or a USB cable and we'll make a guide available for it shortly.

System requirements (emulator)

  • At least a dual-core CPU with a core clock speed of at least 1.6GHz.
  • At least 2GB of RAM available, 4GB preferred.

System requirements (on-device)

  • Device running Android 7 or higher
  • Desktop with at least 512MB of RAM

Supported scripts

As mentioned above, most existing PowBot scripts should work on mobile. That doesn't mean all of the scripts that are currently on the store can be used already. Scripts are made available for mobile subject to testing in order to ensure some standard of quality and prevent support spam.

You can find the list of currently supported scripts here: 







Question: Will mobile ever be available for free?

No, our end goal is for PowBot Mobile to be a perk for VIP users. This helps us keep user numbers under control and also pays for the maintenance and development of the client.

Question: How do I get VIP?

You can upgrade to VIP by going here.


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26/03 Release - check support thread for new link


  • Asks if you want to run emulator or connect to ADB device on startup
  • Menu clicking accuracy improvements
  • Fixed a bug where report button was being clicked accidentally
  • Fixed in viewport calculation
  • Fixed minimap hook
  • Fixed widget text hook
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  • Fixed menu misclicks
  • Auto-login now works on mobile (just select account through the script selector same as desktop)
  • Multi-instance support (run with -multi flag on command-line, you have to run at least once without)
  • Can now start desktop client and mobile from same jar and compile scripts against the same jar making it easier to use
  • Various callbacks added
    • MessageListener
    • GameTickListener
    • NpcUpdateListener
  • Various bugfixes


Thanks for your feedback so far, enjoy!

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