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Suicide Bot Account...All stats botted...


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Currently Botting: Agility

So I've been running a Suicide bot account for the past 48Hrs..The only things I have done is a few quests (Mostly the simple ones to make the account "Seem more legit"), The RDM events(Bee Keeper, Old Man, and such) and all the walking to different locations to do different things. 

I've been running all free scripts with the most Anti-Ban measures I can do when the scripts prompt they have anti-ban. I've mostly been doing this to test the scripts and to test ban rates & Because I want to be a VIP to run multiple bots, But if there all gonna get banned I wouldn't be interested atall


11pm- 3/4 -Stats:     SuicideBot.PNG.bc52294355147d9f02076baf0eef7691.PNG



Quests Completed: Rune Mysteries (to mine Ess), Cooks Assistant, Ernest The Chicken, Romeo and Juliet, & Sheep Sheerer



Im gonna be updating this post to see when/how long this account will go without a ban, lemme know if you guys wanna see anything specific done with this account


Update: So I did a little flipping with the account, ended up buying a bond and have been botting Member stats ever since, I started buy hitting the Wintertdot after getting 50FM, got to currecnt stats, when I started working on agility...Currently working on agility...


10am- 3/5 -Stats Update:613955639_StatsUpdate.PNG.82e0c1a891ddd186628543170db89804.PNG


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