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The last one was a lot of speculative information so let’s just keep it basic. To bot smart you must:

  1. Accept that being permanently banned is a possibility (don’t bot an account you can’t risk losing, I.e: don’t bot on your main!)
  2. Don’t bot on new accounts, they scrutinize new accounts more than any others. Go train the accounts by hand and do a good amount of quests or tasks first.
  3. Avoid F2P botting, they want the new to RuneScape user experience to be a nice and clean version without the infamous swarms of bots in F2P, this means it’s not worth botting in most instances of F2P.
  4. Keep botting time low and remember the human, as a strict rule I’d say don’t bot on accounts for more than 3-4 hours a day. Also play legit on the account but remember how long you’ve been on today... if you just did a 6 hour legit game session don’t bot today.
  5. Don’t effect economics, anywhere, basic stuff on G.E., mini game plays, anything like that will get noticed and higher chance of bans.

this doesn’t really apply to suicide botting. 

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