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Script Writer Applications [SW1/2/3 | Premium Process]


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For all Script Writer applications please create a new thread under the Applications section. 

Users may comment feedback on any application ensuring it is constructive and fair. They will not however make the final decision, this will be up to staff.

Script Writer 1 ScriptWriter1.png.ed82da1205c79a50c8f1e840033d3538.png


  1. Have a script written in the PowBot API - showcasing your knowledge of said API - This is what were looking for.
    • This must not be a Power X script (power miner, power chopper, power fisher and so on)
    • Only 1 script is required however more would not go against you.
      • in fact, it would bolster your position as it would show a greater knowledge of the API.
  2. As we currently don't have an open repo; please post the script to your GitHub in a public repo for review.
    • This isn't necessary for few reasons however.
      • If the script contains sensitive or proprietary code 
      • If the script is of premium quality, thus wouldn't want competitors to see it.
    • If either of the two above are true, you must instead start a private conversation with @_Rick or @const_


Script Writer 2 ScriptWriter2.png.d581b561546be9fd64a08c247f0a46df.png

  1. Requires the above as a minimum including either but not limited to:
    • 1 Premium script
    • 3-5 (depending on quality and complexity) non premium scripts
  2. All of the above options must include maintenance of the script to ensure they're in working order and bugs are fixed promptly.
  3. Strong customer services and relations with users (i.e. when bug reports come in, don't tell them they don't exist, or refuse to do anything without further info for example)


Script Writer 3 ScriptWriter3.png.ef642aaca85284a3b70e05c6e2f62b13.png

  1. Requires above as a minimum including:
    • Multiple well maintained premium scripts
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