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Why do you blokes pick PowBot over another bot


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For me personally, I’ve always used rsbot, well I used epic bot a little back in the day and the occasional tribot script in the last few years.

However since the new ownership, we actually have committed devs. I mean we’ve seen more updates in the last month than powerbot did in the last 5 years.

I never knew or heard of the high ban rate rumours of powerbot in comparison to other clients, I just assumed that’s how things were,  but since the new changes they’ve made, I truly believe the client to be one of the best out there, I mean hell, you couldn’t bot for 2 hours without being banned, now we’re botting nearly 50 hours straight of agility.. 

Couple that with the bot manager so I can control and start scripts from my phone, it’s something I didn’t even know existed tbh.

We also have some doAction work coming through the api to offer a different style of scripting, along with a multi box client in the works.

That’s my opinion anyway, I’m sure everyone will have their own.

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Yeah similar to Dan, used Powerbot extensively back in the day. It's where I actually learned to program. Seems like he said the devs are actually committed now. I appreciate that I can use it on some of my alt accounts and not receive a ban like I have with some competitors, (sometimes in less than 4 hrs) I'm sure due to it being a public script and well used, but still that's a little crazy. 

Also the currently low albeit growing user base makes the scripts even more friendly. 

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  • Yoshiki changed the title to Why do you blokes pick PowBot over another bot

fewer people using it, fewer people to profile against, that along with the fact that they basically rebuilt the client from the ground up, gonna give it a shot

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I've never botted before, but Nom on YouTube directed me here. So I decided to check it out. I've always been wary of this kind of thing in case there's a keylogger or something. However, he seemed trustworthy so I gave it a try. 

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All I'm gonna say, is I started this account yesterday to test ban rates before I did anything more with it....This account hasn't logged off in almost 48hrs....(Yes I have been monitoring it for the RDM events)..but other then that this account is 100% Botted, But yet I'm still not banned....any other client I would of used would of been banned in <24hrs

This is the reason I'm pushing more towards this bot then any other bot out there.


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