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Script Writer Process / Changes Suggestions


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Firstly, we needed an SW process in place as the more users we get, the more people we get that are interested in contributing.

For comparison, the previous process (There or there abouts, it was a long time ago that I went through it)

1. Write a script
	1.1. Non-power X
2. On the OpenSDN
	2.1. Unless valid reason not to, such as premium quality.
3. User makes an application and links any scripts they'd like to put forward.
	3.1. Only 1 script was required however multiple would make a better case towards varied API knowledge.


New Rank Suggestions

Ye I'll make some nice lookin pips too obvs


Requires 1 maintained script of a somewhat decent standard showing use of multiple aspects of the API.

Benefits would include longer local script runtimes - but not unlimited as to deter someone getting free local farming capabilities for writing a 20 minute script..



Requires Either 1 premium script or 3-5 (Depending on quality) non premium scripts while also meeting the SW I requirements

Benefits include a fancier pip/rank of acknowledgement of skill/commitment but also unlimited local script runtimes and if private scripts become a thing; the ability to offer or set up private script services.

Also a suggestion from @rez a free 1 instance limit on other writers premium scripts to help with building accounts to help with development.



Requires multiple well maintained premium scripts 

Benefits include the previous, however a more prestigious rank, again showing the community your commitment/skill and access to the previously mentioned private script stuff (if it becomes a thing) obviously having a more prestigious rank should be more beneficial in this circumstance as people would be more trusting of someone whos shown their ability and commitment.


New Process Suggestions

Well.. I'd actually suggest keeping it the same as above. 

With the added change of each rank, would be a new application. Judging by discussions on discord; a maintained openSDN/open repo for scripts and or script applications is already favoured. 


Any other thoughts and suggestions are welcome below.

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