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Unable to log in to PowBot client


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I am unable to log in to the client:


I am able to log in just fine on the PowBot forums so I know for a fact the issue isn't my credentials. Things I've tried:

* Turning off Windows Firewall
* Trying on a different Windows box in VirtualBox
* Running PowBotLoader.jar in administrator mode from PowerShell

Nothing has worked. I'm not sure what else to do. I have the most up-to-date OSRS desktop client, Java 11 from adoptopenjdk.net, and the PowBotLoader.jar file from powbot.org.

Can someone help?

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5 minutes ago, Mugen said:

That worked. Thanks! Perhaps the error message ought to read "invalid display name" rather than "invalid email"? Thanks again.

Thanks for letting us know the message is wrong.

Glad it worked, and yep we'll change that in the next update which will be tomorrow.

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