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@ScriptConfiguration - Allow your scripts to be configured from CLI/Remote bot management panel


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Note: This feature is not fully live yet, there's no way to currently set the configuration. That work is in progress but we want to have as many scripts supporting it on launch.


A new annotation has been added which will allow users configure your script from the CLI/Remote bot management panel without the need for a GUI. 

Example usage:

@Script.ScriptConfiguration( name = "Npc Names", description = "A comma seperated list of npc names to attack",
        optionType = ScriptConfigurationOption.OptionType.STRING, defaultValue = "")
@Script.ScriptConfiguration( name = "Attack Style", description = "The attack style to use",
        optionType = ScriptConfigurationOption.OptionType.STRING, defaultValue = "Stab", allowedValues={"Slash", "Stab"})
@Script.ScriptConfiguration( name = "Bury Bones", description = "Collect and bury bones?",
        optionType = ScriptConfigurationOption.OptionType.BOOLEAN, defaultValue = "false")
public class PowFighter extends PollingScript<ClientContext> {
  	public void start() {
          if (hasOptionsConfigred()) {
          } else {


To use the configuration options in your script two methods have been added to AbstractScript:

  • getOptions() - Get the a list of configuration options & values

  • hasOptionsConfigured() - Has the user provided options, if false you probably want to show a GUI to let the user configure a script

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