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[Project Antiban][CLOAKING] PowBot Release 8.3.0

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Hi All,

This release contains marks the completion of our first project, you can find some more information about this project here. This release also has quite a few extra features as well which have been bundled up into one release.



  • PowBot now cloaks itself by using the official OSRS client and running inside of it.
  • Model hulls have been added (not yet the default for clicking, info)
  • Improved human input emulation
  • Interactions now track targets as the mouse moves to them, the path is adjusted as they move
  • Proxy support (check out the edit tab)
  • Web Walking has been added (Check out Movement#walkTo, this is still in beta, script writers please report any issues you find)
  • And much more!


Just restart the client using the launcher to get the latest update!


If you're having issues launching the client check out this thread here.

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