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Project: Antiban [PHASE 1 DONE]


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Project: Antiban

Estimated Release Date: December 2020 / Ongoing


The aim of this project is to investigate possible methods of bot detection and come up with ways to circumvent them.

We will be exploring various areas where we might be exposed such as how we load the game, how we send input, what environment the client runs in etc.



- Changing the way the client loads the game  

- Changing what environmental/runtime information is accessible to the game 

- Covering our tracks with regards to accessor injections  

- Implementing hulls to make clicking more human like 

- Being able to accurate click stuff that is moving / while moving 

- Add user interface for proxy configuration 

- Accurately emulate focus changes ⚠️

- Recording ban information so we can determine what effect our changes have⚠️

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