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Premium Scripts (Paid Monthly)


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Premium scripts have now arrived at PowBot!


Why do I have to pay now?

Premium scripts help to protect scripts in many ways such as preventing overuse,  preventing reward degradation (over botted items are worth less over time), reducing bans.

These scripts are also held to a higher standard by the PowBot team, as a result they are much more feature rich and stable than other free scripts you may use.


Can I try before I buy?

Yes 3 day trials are available once per script.

Note: Abusing these trials may lead to your access from PowBot being revoked.


How do I purchase one?

You can browse the selection of premium scripts here by adding the "Paid Monthly" filter.

When purchasing you'll need to decide how many clients you want to use the script at any one time, this is referred to as "Instances".

We currently support Credit/Debit cards via Stripe and Paypal, we plan on adding more payment methods in the future, let us know on discord if there's a particular payment method you'd prefer.


What's the cost?

Each premium script can have a different price which may change over time.

When purchasing a script you're purchasing a monthly subscription to it, if you decide you no longer want it just cancel your subscription or remove the script.

Please note that you also need to pay per "instance" of the script, for example if you want to run 5 accounts at the same time you need 5 instances, if you want to run 10 different accounts but only 5 at a time you need just 5 instances.



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